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You are not permitted to export the audio archives to other formats, or to edit or create any derivative works or samples out of them, although I do not belong to any group or organization where the 'legal threats' and immoral conduct are characteristic of their behaviour.

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“It would be completely absurd and presumptuous to overrate interest in these brief lines, although I think that it would also be unjust and perhaps inexcusable not to be aware, that more than one secret can be trapped in a person, in the strange worlds that surround him and house his soul, with a need to express his ideas, knowing that he is not alone, although it is not unique that one feels like this.

It was my real pleasure to begin drawing when I was a child. Comics were the best form of expression to show my point of view on what surrounded me. Later the magic of literature appealed to me. The desire to write my own stories grew too. I became interested in photographic art and movies, with an increasing interest in short, simple films.

After listening and profoundly coming to know the songs on a particular record called 'Please' in 1986, my real passion for good music developed - music that doesn't follow the rules for commercial success for fear of criticism or adhering to the fashions invented by the music industry.

Also there was a girl who, without knowing it, was to convert my passion into something eternal. But the boring people with the intention only to learn to play the acoustic guitar remained very far from me. I was another kind of boy who had begun to create music with his computer, perhaps closer to becoming a DJ, using sequencers, virtual instruments, together with various software MIDI and always confusing scores.

Currently I use previous resources, together with many tools of production based on loops and other methods to compose and edit audio. Now I can say that this website and all my music have gone through several moments full of ups and downs, but indeed the end result is always satisfying. That is all that matters.

By the way I don't want to forget that music helped me meet people with similar interests or totally the opposite. I trust that there will be more music and people who will enjoy it. The present speaks of a perfect place for this type of music and musicians, not willing to lose the freedom to distribute our work, or to lose our independent character - the Internet. Meanwhile I try to train my eyes, intensify my hearing and appreciate the warmth that surrounds me.”

David Maeso